Admission System version 2.0F (quantitative)

Project Details:

E-nrollment is a system, which enables candidates to apply for the studies through the Internet.

This specification does not describe the real system. It was created as a benchmark specification based on the analysis of use cases collected in the Use Case Database.
You can use it freely for your research activities. If you would like to cite our work, please use this reference:
	Author = {Alchimowicz, Bartosz and Jurkiewicz, Jakub and Ochodek, Miros{\l}aw and Nawrocki, Jerzy},
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Actors are roles which might be played by certain users.


It is a person who would like to study at the University.


Person who is responsible for managing the system.


Actor, which represents developed system.

Selecting committee

Selecting committee is a group of people who are responsible for admiting candidates for the certain majors.


This is most general actor, which in an abstraction of all users in the system.

Students management system

This is a system which stores information about students at the university.


This actors represents the banking system, which will provide files containing biling data.



Applications Handling Module

  • MOD1_UC1. Register in the system
  • MOD1_UC2. Provide personal and education information
  • MOD1_UC3. Choose a major
  • MOD1_UC4. Assign an application fee to a major
  • MOD1_UC5. Check application status
  • MOD1_UC6. Print application
  • MOD1_UC7. Define majors prorities
  • MOD1_UC8. Apply for payment cancellation
  • MOD1_UC9. Ask a question concerning admission
  • MOD1_UC10. Add a post to the admission forum
  • MOD1_UC11. View a post at admission forum.
  • MOD1_UC12. Activate admission reminder
  • Administration Module

  • MOD2_UC1. Create a new admission
  • MOD2_UC2. Add a major to admission
  • MOD2_UC3. Define a new major
  • MOD2_UC4. Add a new subject
  • MOD2_UC6. Transfer Candidates' data
  • MOD2_UC7. Remove unused accounts
  • MOD2_UC5. Add a new language
  • MOD2_UC8. Add a new user
  • MOD2_UC9. Remove
  • MOD2_UC10. Define an admission algorithm
  • MOD2_UC11. Test an admission algorithm
  • MOD2_UC12. Import admissions fees
  • MOD2_UC13. Modify Candidates' data
  • MOD2_UC14. Solve issues
  • MOD2_UC15. Remove post from the admission forum
  • Qualification Module

  • MOD3_UC1. Qualify candidates
  • MOD3_UC2. Verify Candidate's application data
  • MOD3_UC3. Prepare an examination
  • Admission Monitoring Module

  • MOD4_UC1. Monitor number of applications
  • MOD4_UC2. Monitor changes in the system
  • MOD4_UC3. Send a message to User